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Primary Power Distribution Unit

AMETEK’s Power Distribution Unit (PDU) is a device that replaces centralized circuit breaker panels allowing for power to be more efficiently distributed and controlled via a data bus.  PDUs can be located throughout the aircraft allowing for easy configuration changes if additional power is required thus providing maximum flexibility in custom interior design. In addition to being a circuit breaker, AMPHION technology provides load monitoring that can be used for trend monitoring of electrical devices and automatic load shedding  The AMETEK PDU has 16 DC or 12 AC channels per unit that can easily be installed beneath interior panels or multiple PDUs can be stacked to increase the number of channels in a particular location. No active cooling is required due to very low heat dissipation.


  • Voltage Range: 60 – 140 VAC/40 Amps
    10 – 36 VDC/30 Amps
  • AC frequency range of 40 – 1000 Hz
  • AC unit has 3-phase capability
  • Less than 10°C temperature rise at full power operation
  • Detachable “Personality Module” allows easy setting of power-on defaults
  • Control and data output via RS-485 bus, other options available
  • Monitor load status, voltage,current, and circuit trip point
  • DO-178B Level A software
PD-Primary Power Distribution Unit  

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